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The point of it all


Last year the archive’s staff member delivered 38 speeches and presentations, at groups ranging from the local CWI right through an academic conference on World War One.  It is an integral part of returning our records and the information contained within them, back to the community.

Recently though we did something we have not done before.

Shortly after opening in the afternoon, we were visited by a man wanting a handout on Christmas Bay, just south of Deliverance Cove at Castlepoint, and visible from the track that leads to Castle Rock.  We explained that there was no such publication, and asked what he was trying to find out.  He seemed to have a lot of questions, which we answered as well as we could.

He then explained he was a teacher from the Lower Hutt Rudolph Steiner School, and the pupils were having lunch in the park before heading out for a camp at Castlepoint, and would I mend going over and talking to the kids.

It felt a little like an impromptu speech at Toastmasters, but I went over and talked to the pupils and their parents, about Masterton, the park and Castlepoint.

Today in the mail, some lovely handmade bookmarks, and a nice thank-you card from the school.